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EoC-IIN, a community of people who share dreams, visions, talents, work, resources, needs and experiences.

Micael Araújo


"This project pushes us forward and makes us dream even more, reinforcing the idea that it is worth trying to purpose our objectives."

Elizabeth Wallin


"We are the project Lia, a new enterprise of the EoC. We have been mentored by an entrepreneur from the EoC. Many of us have a lot of great ideas, but the most important thing  is to have someone who asks the right questions!

The principle object of the project Lia is to help formerly incarcerated women develop their professionals and social skills through an innovative and collaborative working environment."

Lucas Longhi


"Communion through the exchange of ideas, is the source and the strongest point of our new enterprise that I have been developing with my business partner. Through advise and support from the EoC entrepreneurs, we evaluate together ideas for our next steps. This Exchange of visions was very important. We feel that the company is not only our own"

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