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Meet EoC StartUps from different countries. Exchange. Share. Build a network!

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Introduce your project, what do you do, what do you want to do, what makes your startup unique, your motivations.

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You can ask, share, advices and point of view with the hole community of young entrepreneurs.

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Participate in a chat-room for people of your field or sector. If your field it's not here, you can create a chat-room.

Entradas más recientes
  • Yengo Rasoarinoro
    4 de oct. de 2017

    Un groupe des jeunes , avec un ardent désir, de faire régner la culture de don crée une entreprise "AMI" (appel à la communion) Une entreprise qui se concentre sur l'élevage bio, principalement sur la production de foie gras à la spécialité malgache. Les foies gras de Madagascar sont les meilleurs dans le monde car ils s'obtiennent à partir de canards mulards.
  • ludmila.barborkova
    17 de ago. de 2017

    I have just started to run a coffee shop (baby friendly) in a small town (10 000 people). What I find the most difficult is to find right and loyal employees. To build a real communion among employees is an essential but really very hard. Eventhought we are only 8 people working for this coffee shop, we do not have much time together to share and talk... (all have children..) What are your experience?
  • Florencia Locascio
    18 de jul. de 2017

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